The 3R Project

Recently Adams College together with the Adams College Development Fund, a Trust formed by former students and the school governing body, created the 3R Project strategy. This initiative was created to Revitalize, Redevelop and Reposition Adams College to its former glory and transform it into a leading state-of-the-art educational institution.


The 3R Project centres on the following key development projects;

  1. Construction of a new multi-purpose Hall
  2. New African Library and Resource Centre
  3. Renovations of the Computer, Biology and Science Laboratories
  4. Construction of 10 new classrooms & hostels renovation
  5. Security including perimeter Fencing
  6. An African NEPAD Garden & Walk of Fame that will have statues of prominent former students surround it
  7. Renovation of kitchen and dining hall
  8. Renovation of 16 houses into B&Bs, office Parks
  9. Renaming roads and buildings after past students, staff members & missionaries
  10. The establishment of the Sports Academy
  11. The establishment of a New Media Centre, Art gallery, Theatre, Music School will its own Studio & Museum
  12. Construction School Clinic
  13. Renovation of the existing library (current underway)
Transparency Portal

In order to ensure the integrity of the project & create a transparent, participative environment for all Stakeholders and Funders the Adams College Educational Trust will officially launch The Transparency Portal on the evening of the 2013 ICC Legacy Dinner.

The Transparency Portal is an innovative Digital Business System that can be viewed via the Adams College Website. Through this Portal the following key Stakeholders will be able to participate at different levels:

These parties including The Adams College Educational Trust and other Strategic Partners will be able to login through the website and oversee how all the money raised for the 3R Project are being spent & get overview of all 3R Project statuses.


This will allow funders to ‘Adopt” a Building and through a secure User-Name and Password these Funders will be able to track the Project Progress & Finances creating a participative and transparent process. This process also allows Groups of people to team together and jointly fund projects.

This option allows ad-hoc people to donate amounts to the project as a whole via the website. This total project amount will be view able in a graph along with key real-time project progress & highlights, as people give they will able to see the total Rand value project budget increase in real-time.